How Your Pet Behaves When You’re Away

by Sara Unverfehrt on July 25, 2016 in

Lazy dog and catI’ve been travelling quite a bit lately, leaving one of our wonderful PoodleROO pet sitters to care for my own pets. While I was relaxing poolside my imagination wandered to what my cat and foster kittens were up to while I was gone. Have you ever been away sipping fruity drinks on the beach or pretending to be engaged in a business meeting in some other city, and wondered what your pets are doing in that moment? I thought you might like a little insight on the behaviors pet sitters actually encounter when we arrive at your home…

Binge Watching

We know that you enjoy binge-watching your favorite Netflix series, but did you know that your dog may be indulging the same guilty pleasure? Our clients often express worry that their dogs will be destructive in their absence or that they will bark too much, causing a neighborhood disturbance, but the truth is we often walk into a quiet house with a dog parked on the couch watching HGTV, CNN, or in the case of a particularly mischievous Dachshund and Cocker Spaniel duo — Maury Povich. When it comes to dogs, we walk in on a lot of power-napping and intense television watching.

Rug Drifting

Your cats hold organized drifting events in your absence. What is drifting? Drifting is when cats sprint through the house at high speeds, jump on an unsecured rug and see how far they can coast. Points are given for length of drift and for good form. These events are intensely competitive, though a lone kitty will drift even without competition. Pet sitters visiting your home to care for your cats devote a portion of each visit to rug-straightening. You appreciate coming home to a tidy home, your cats appreciate us resetting the racing course during each visit. It’s a win-win.

Behaving Quite Well, Thank You Very Much

Perhaps pets enjoy a little solitude here and there more than we might expect? In most homes that we visit pets are behaving similarly or are even more relaxed than they were at the “meet and greet” in the presence of their owners. So you can breathe a little sigh of relief knowing that kitty probably isn’t rappelling down your drapes with her claws out and your pup likely isn’t systematically shredding every pillow in your home in a fit of anxiety. Interestingly, clients who go into the most details about their pets “problem” behaviors usually have the pets that are the most angelic in the presence of their sitter! Long story short, enjoy your vacation – your pets’ behavior is generally not destructive and mostly low-drama. Mostly.