Concierge Services

Field Trip

$48 for 1.5 hour outing to Audubon Park or Wisner Dog Run or favorite spot of your (dog’s) choosing.

Pet Taxi

$30 for 30 minutes for transport to groomer, vet, or grandma’s house – wherever your pet needs to go.

Litter Box Cleaning and Sanitization

$15 per litter box. It’s a dirty job – let us do it. We will give kitty a completely fresh start – dispose of old litter, clean and sanitize empty box, and refill with litter.

Full Plant Watering Service

$15 . We will take care of 5 indoor plants free of charge, but we are happy to water your garden and/or additional indoor plants per your instructions with this service.

Key Pick-up & Drop-off Service

$10 . If you are uncomfortable using a lockbox and would like your key picked up and returned to you after pet sitting service we are happy to do so.

Package Retrieval

$10. We will always bring in packages when we stop by to take care of your pets. For those times when you are not in need of pet care but are worried about that package UPS has left on your porch in plain site – we will stop by and bring it inside, no pet service required.

Shopping Service

$30 per hour. Are you returning from a trip and out of the necessities? Just haven’t had time to shop? We are happy to pick these items up for you from your preferred Uptown or Carrollton retailer, or online.

Home Waiting Service

$24 per hour. We will hang out with the cable guy or wait for the UPS man to deliver.

Pharmacy Pick-up

$20 . We will pick up your medication for you at any Uptown or Carrollton pharmacy.

Dry Cleaning Pick-Up Service

$20 . Why is it always so hard to find the time to pick up dry cleaning? Forget about it! We’ve got you covered. We will pick up your dry cleaning at any Uptown or Carrollton dry cleaner.

Vacuum Service

$15 . Come home to a freshly vacuumed house. This price is for a home up to 2500 square feet.
Lockbox $20 refundable deposit.